Meet the Team

The Perfect Team for the Purrfect Pup

Pet Innovations, LLC. has been honored to work with a team of experienced engineers, architects, designers, entrepreneurs, and pet owners to bring the Purrfect Pup project to life. The Purrfect Pup has taken over a year to develop and some of the most creative minds in the world have poured their expertise into this revolutionary pet training breakthrough. Meet the perfect team who brought you the Purrfect Pup.


Jason M., PE- Inventor, Metzner Prototyping
As a lead electrical engineer for GE, Jason spends his time on a range of different technological advancements in the electrical engineering realm. Jason also runs a prototype company that has developed numerous ideas into reality and currently holds a dozen patents. Jason is the engineering mastermind that developed the code and internal components of the PurrfectPup.

CaseyA., Design Engineer, RapidPro Manufacturing

Casey designed the Purrfect Pup for large scale manufacturing and was responsible for integrating water resistant functionality into the sleek and fashionable product design. As an experienced product developer, Casey has been involved in taking various products to market.

Rob W., Masters Microprocessor Engineer, Masters Mechanical Engineer

Rob (the Tin Giant) has significant experience working in the world of technology, even being the chief architect of the Xbox game console. Rob has helped pack a powerful punch of electronic efficiency into the small, sleek, and intuitive design.

Ron A. – CEO, Rapid Pro Manufacturing

Ron leads the Rapid Pro team, a turn-key prototype developer that has the ability to run small-batch to large-scale manufacturing projects, even fulfilling in house. Ron is a veteran inventor with products featured in national retail chains and runs multiple  successful companies.

Riley H., Digital Quill Studio

Riley runs an architecture and design firm and helped conceptualize the existence of the Purrfect Pup from an industrial design perspective, breathing early life into the project.

Joseph V., MS – Master Mechanical Engineer, Advisor (Engineering)

When an engineering question comes up, Joseph offers outside-the-box expertise that is inundated with creativity and unique solutions. Joseph spends his time pursuing his PhD in Manufacturer Engineering and leading a team that builds top secret military weaponry.

Tim K., Designer, Partner | Pet Innovations, LLC.

Tim is a seasoned designer with corporate experience in architecture, graphic design, illustration, and 3D modeling, with extensive experience in brand management, and data visualization. He owns and operates a successful design consultancy who’s most recent work has been published in CNBC, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., and USA Today. He is partner with Jared V. in Purrfect PUP, and Pet Innovations LLC.

Stephanie P., M.A. Regional Manager–VisiPak Packaging

Stephanie serves as the direct liaison for all packaging needs and has an extensive background working with both US and Chinese packaging solutions.

Tara F., MA – Consumer Economics, Advisor

As a college Dean, Tara has a diverse background working with various perspectives, consumer demands, market psychology, and strategic positioning. Tara’s creativity and blind spot type vision helps with disruptive decision making.

Rolando L., JD – Strategic Positioning (marketing, sales, legal)

After a career as an international tax attorney, Rolando decided to spread his wings and build sales funnels that sell intellectual property (digital content). As a master marketer, Rolando has built multiple 7 figure online businesses and consults clients on how to strategically reach customers using copy and science.

Brandon M. – Visual Media Production

Brandon runs BKM,a visual production company that has been featured at the TriBeCa Film Festival in New York, has created music videos and more, generating well over 5 million youtube views. Brandon brings a young, hip, creative expression, for unique video production.


Dick P. – Adviser, Trainer, Spokesman, Sales
Dick is a best selling author, veteran entrepreneur, and is commonly known as the leadership wrangler. Experienced in all aspects of sales, tradeshows, and business, he has personally been involved in building multiple 7 figure businesses and brings wise, pragmatic, and straight forward council.

Sarah B., Inventor, Founder | Pet Innovations, LLC.

As a stay home mom, Sarah got tired of picking up after her dog Dozer and trying to keep her pup out of the trash. Sarah and her husband Jared came up with the idea of autonomous pet training and now works to help other pet owners experience simple and stress-free pet ownership. Sarah has a corporate background  in Oil & Gas land management, but decided to pursue her life long dream of being an inventor.

Jared V.,M.A., C.H.B.C., Inventor, Founder | Pet Innovations, LLC.

As an inventor, investor, and serial entrepreneur Jared works in a cross section of industries. Jared loves pets and small business and helped bring all aspects of the project to fruition. With a track record of success in business, Jared has helped build, coach, and advise over 500 enterprises ranging in size from a handful of employees to billion dollar companies.