As inventors and entrepreneurs, we believe in the Biblical responsibility to be creators, producers, and caretakers of the gifts we have been given.

Creators: We are called to live in the image of God and He created everything, therefore, we intentionally strive to come up with unique, unusual, and innovative creations that provide value to His kingdom.

Producers: We are commanded to be like ants, always active, moving, building, and diligently feeding on opportunity regardless of challenges that may get in the way.

Caretakers: We believe every living being including our pets are a gift from God, and as such, we consider it our responsibility to shepherd, lead, and train that which we are entrusted.


As pet owners, we are on a mission to passionately pursue what we believe is a smarter, healthier, and safer world for pets.

The Future: Pet Innovations llc currently has multiple pet-related inventions in development and were excited the Purrfect Pup is leading the way into a future of autonomous pet training. One new advancement we’re excited about is our patent pending autonomous potty training, that trains pets not to use the bathroom indoors, which will be a revolutionary feature in our second generation device. Additionally, were creating a more robust AI-based pet training platform, to train and prevent aggressive behaviors, while also being able to observe and manage your pet’s training through our app using a smart device from anywhere. The opportunities to create, produce, and be better caretakers for our furry family members are like never before, and we have intentionally positioned the Purrfect Pup with the ability to be upgraded and enhanced remotely to maximize functionality.